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Being sociable on social media

Look it up in Wikipedia and the very first definition of Social media is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Most of us know how to act when we are out socialising in the physical world, but with social media being such a new thing, relatively speaking, can we be sure that we’re engaging with people in a way that optimises exposure?

If we approach social media in the same way we might approach, say, going to a network event or even a party, we can’t go far wrong.

Engage with people – we wouldn’t stand at a party talking like an automaton would we? A few strange looks might ensue. No, we’d talk naturally, casually, explaining any technical details of our work to ensure people don’t glaze over or phase out with boredom. The same goes for social media – talk like you would to a real person (minus the Ums and Ahs) and you’re more likely to get real responses.

Be where the party is – Everyone who is anyone will be at that new Networking event in the city tonight, right? So, by the same token find out where the best people hang out online and join them, making sure you discuss topics you know they’ll be interested in.

Break the ice – At an event you don’t hang around waiting for someone to come and talk to you, you could be waiting a long time, instead you’ll get right in there, wont you? Be the first to comment on an interesting tweet, or share a blog post of your favourite company for a little bit of audience love.

Dare to be different – the one way to stand out at a party/networking event is to do something different. Wearing a DJ at a relaxed social event will get you noticed for sure. So, be creative to attract attention on social media. Innovative companies do new and exciting things and are not short of a follower or two, take a leaf.

Voice your opinion – say nothing at a networking event and people will quickly pass you by looking for a more interesting prospect, be opinionated and the crowds will flock to you. Need we say more?