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Nicky Ayers, Ecl-ips – Club Member Profile

IMC Club Member Nicky Ayers from Ecl-ips shares her thoughts and feedback on how the Inventive Marketing Club has impacted and helped improve their business marketing.

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Tell me a little about your company

“[Ecl-ips] deal with IP monitoring solutions in the form of CCTV, access control and IT monitoring. A new addition is an intruder alarm element. We help our customers in various different ways, we have different elements to the business, when we use CCTV for instance, it’s not just surveillance, it could be Health and Safety, processes we are helping people with, perimeter detection.”

What’s your favourite Inventive Marketing Club episode and why?

“…[it] is really difficult to say which one is my favourite episode, there all relevant to a business… Ben takes you through each step and they are easy to follow…”

How has being a Pro Club Member benefitted your business?

“It’s an added value to the business at the end of the day, you might know about a bit of Google but don’t know Google Console, or you might know how to put images on your website but Ben might show you how to do it in a quicker, easier way… it’s really informative and thoroughly recommended.”

Would you recommend Inventive Marketing Club?

“I would definitely recommend Inventive Marketing Club… it doesn’t matter how much you know about marketing it is always good to have a refresher but if you don’t know about certain element of marketing… then it is always to get on there as a first point of call… at the end of each session Ben always ask for a recommendation for the next session so you may get one that is completely tailored to your needs…”