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Photography Fun Day

As you may know from previous posts, the Rather Inventive team is virtual. We all work remotely. But every now and then it’s nice to meet up with the  rest of the team and some of our clients for some fun. Our most recent social event  saw us at Wharton Court Food Centre near Leominster where we had a fab session with photographer Jay Watson of All  Seeing Eye Images in Hereford.

The brief to Jay was: we all work with images in one way or  another, even if it’s just posting a quick photo on a blog. Can you show us how  to make better use of our smartphones so we can take better pictures and get  better results?

As you can see from the photos below and on Flickr, much fun was had. (Jay brought along her dressing up box!) Better still, there was plenty of learning  too.

Here are Jay’s top tips for taking a better photo:

  • Take a bit of time to get to know your camera – but “auto” is often the best option.
  • Turn off the flash if you can – work with the  light you’ve got and you’ll get better results.
  • Remember that photographers don’t take photos,  they make them – spend a few moments thinking about the composition of your  shot.
  • Make the most of the editing apps out there – good enough isn’t good enough these days and you can make a good shot into a  great one by doing some “post-production” work.
  • And finally, understand the difference between a  quick photo for a blog and a photo shoot for a new product. You can take the  first – it’s better to get a professional in for the second because the  investment will always be worth it in the quality of the result. (We totally agree.)

Everyone loved the time with Jay and we’d highly recommend  her for a really different team building / social session. To find out more  about Jay, there are lots of ways to contact her:

Catherine Every at Pippin Consultancy
Visit her
website or follow  her on Twitter