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37: Round up from the WXG7 tech conference

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Ben Kinnaird, Clare Harris and Al Osmond chat about their favourite bits from tech conference WXG7 (Web Expo Guildford)

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Talks discussed

Wirehive intro by Robert Belgrave

  • AlexaSTOP podcast
  • 20,000 times more energy from the sun that we don’t use
  • How abundance will change our future: energy, transportation, communication
  • Boston Dynamics dog

Mental Health by Dr Tamer Shahin

  • 16 million attempted suicides a year
  • 1 in 4 suffer from mental health
  • Stigma around mental health
  • Prevention over cure
  • Mimi mirror, real-time measurements. Asked questions, measure response
  • Reminds me of intro to The Island (great film)
  • Ultimate goal is Mimi to give autonomous decisions

Accessible for all by Steven Woodgate

  • iPhone app Seeing in Ai, reads world around us
  • Make accessible for one person and that makes it accessible for everyone e.g. Captions useful when have no sound
  • 1 billion people have disabilities. Many more have temporary disabilities such as a broken arm
  • 10% children have dyslexia in UK
  • Education needs changing
  • Funny transcriptions 🙂

Saving the planet with SVG by Chris Dowling

  • Allowing people to customise their garment online
  • Saving CO2 because SVG is smaller than JPEG
  • 15%of clothes are left unsold. 400 billion dollars wasted!
  • We all need SVG in our lives

Creative for good buy Chris Tod Hunter

Mobilising a billion people by Alice More O’Ferrall

  • We are losing nature. Loss of biodiversity, rapid decline. When did a bee give you an invoice!
  • Get a billion people to make nature matter by 2020
  • Earth hour, switch lights off for an hour #connecttoearth
  • If you audience are hard to reach communicate with those who do have influence with them
  • “Thumb stopping content”
  • Micro influencers to share their ideas in their own voices
  • Our planet on Netflix
  • Reduce consumption #meatfreemonday
  • Invest money, such as your pension, into sustainable companies

The dystopia is already here by Daniel Harvey

Creating next gen. digital services by Ann Longley

  • Tim Burners Lee, people controlling their own data. One Small Step for the Web…
  • Finding the balance between freedom and control
  • Providing opportunities and content for young people

 Seb Lee, with lasers!

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