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Twitter noise

Once upon a time, all the Twitter experts advised us to Tweet, tweet, tweet. We need to get out into the Twittersphere, they said.

But now, for some, the incessant noise from Twitter can be somewhat overwhelming. Their feed is so busy that they cannot ascertain which tweets to take notice of. They believe that a drip feed rather than a fire hose would be more appropriate; a filter to ensure all the superfluous material doesn’t make it through to their consciousness, clogging up brainspace and interrupting what they really want to see.

This is certainly the view of Gary Vaynerchuk social media expert, author and entrepreneur who spoke at the Guardian Changing Media Summit in London and said that 5 years ago Twitter users would pay a lot more attention to what was being said on Twitter in general, and more people paid attention to them too. Since then he believes that Twitter has become too ‘noisy’.

There is such a thing as over-tweeting. But you can avoid being one of those Twitter accounts that indiscriminately spews self-promotion announcements and blatant marketing material left right and centre by being selective in what you choose to Tweet. Its true, the more you engage in discussion and information exchange on Twitter, the more exposure you will receive. But, make your Twitter updates interesting and useful. Use Twitter to engage with your audience. And build relationships by ensuring your Twitter stream promotes other people and businesses too. Share links, retweet interesting updates, join conversations and answer questions.

The shortness of a Tweet means that the information you are broadcasting must be concise. Too many companies treat Twitter like a fishing line, regularly throwing out any old rubbish and seeing who bites. Too much drivel just to get the exposure means that you may find that people avoid you, or worse, unfollow or mute you, whereas compelling Tweets with links and resources can attract followers through to your website, which might just turn them into valuable customers.

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