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Wise words from Seth’s article on How (not) to miss a deadline

‘Don’t rely on false deadlines as a form of incentive. It won’t work the same on everyone, which means that some people will take you at your word and actually deliver on time, while others will assume that it was simply a guideline. It’s more efficient to be clear and to help people understand from the outset what you mean by a deadline. The boy cried wolf but the villagers didn’t come.’

I am guilty of placing a project deadline in the sand to help motivate me (and the client). It can work well to muster effort to get the website live. But I’ve given up doing this for small tasks. Assigning due dates to everything leads to not trusting if the deadline is real or just a guide, as well as additional stress and constant badgering from our to-do app. I’ve come to add deadlines only to the tasks that NEED to be completed on a certain date as well as blocking ourt time in my calendar to do them.