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Jenny Jarvis, – Club Member Profile

IMC Club Member Jenny Jarvis from PortlandHouse shares her thoughts and feedback on how the Inventive Marketing Club has impacted and helped improve their business marketing.

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Tell me a little about your company

“My name is Jenny Jarvis and I am the co-owner of a large holiday let, near Ross on Wye called Portland House.”

What do people love about Portland House?

“…Portland House is very near the river Wye… families, hen parties, stag parties – a mixed generation of groups love the area. There is so much do, lovely walks, the village itself is attractive… when you arrive at Portland House, you are very struck by how attractive the house is from the outside. It started off in the 17th Century as a Georgian grade II listed property. When you walk through into the front door on the left is the dining room which can seat up to 22 people, on the right is the lounge… the high ceiling and gorgeous fireplace with a roaring fire is very attractive in the winter to people. The house had a varied history… it started off as a modest dwelling that grew and grew. At various times in it’s life it’s been the local asylum with a padded cell, it’s been a young gentleman’s academy… in the 20th Century it began it’s commerical life in hospitality as a private home, B&B and self catering…”

What’s your favourite Club episode?

“My favourite episode was how to design and build a website… watching all of that I realised how much planning and preparation one has to put into it. It had been seven years since we had a new website and we had to think very carefully about what we wanted to do. I realised while watching that episode what a collaborative effort it would have to be. I was very grateful to Ben [for] leading us through that process [by] allowing us to think for ourselves and being able to contribute. We achieved a good outcome and a site we are very proud of. “

How did you find out about us?

“It was in May of this year that I clicked into the Infectious Marketing webinar you did with Heidi… Half way through it I thought I need these people, these are the people that are going to help us get that new website done… that was just shear luck that day… I am very glad [I did]… that was a good watch that day… “

Would you recommend working with Rather Inventive?

“…If I recommended a friend, and I actually have… I would say to them don’t be worried about what you might be asking to do because it will get easily explained to you, you have your own time in which to do it, there is a team of people who are their behind you who can contribute towards to the design and content… I like the fact as well that the different parts of the website came together in a organic sense not in a prescriptive sense, it just emerges and we just felt so involved…”