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Roger Britton, Community, First Website Testimonial

Roger Britton from Community First shares his thoughts and feedback on how Rather Inventive helped and delivered in making his new website.

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Tell me a little about yourself

“Hi, I’m Roger Britton from Community First, we’re a charity concerning health and well being across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.”

Why did you start working with Rather Inventive?

“We were invited by NHS Health and Care Trust to evaluate their new approach to delivering Community Mental Health Services. The approach we took was to avoid getting lots of metrics and numbers and actually capture the narrative arch of the patient’s experience… the great innovation was to capture patient diaries and a blog online by using a dedicated and secure website. We have been really excited by the responses the patients have given to us…”

What’s it like to work with Rather Inventive?

“We have very little experience of building websites so we engaged with Rather Inventive to support us in this work. That was a really positive experience, not simply because they got the techy stuff correct but because of the supportive and humane way of treating us of walking our way through creating a website which not only had to have the functionuality we need but… needed to be extra secure… Rather Inventive were really good to work at helping us to walk through that process and get it right. I am commenting now several months in and the website has worked faultlessly… it does what it says on the tin, it just works and keeps on working which is just what we wanted.”

Would you recommend Rather Inventive?

“Given the experience we have had I would be absolutely delighted to recommend Rather Inventive to colleagues who want to build up a quality website. The experience of working with them in building a website and the support we have had all the way through and since then has been faultless. I would be really delighted to recommend them to anyone who needs a quality website.”