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Round up from WordCamp Bristol 2019 with Richard and Elliot

Ben speaks with Richard Bell and Elliot Richmond (both members of the WordPress Cheltenham Meetup) on their highlights from the first day of the most excellent WordCamp Bristol 2019.


Talks discussed

Gutenberg. How a WordPress studio adapted by David Darke

  • Create folder in theme called ‘acf-Json’ to keep deployments in sync
  • Plugin: Block unit test for Gutenberg – generates page of all blocks on site to easily test

Legacy systems in your head by Lizzie Darville

  • 56% of people are afraid of public speaking
  • Brains wants to avoid threats and seek rewards
  • Brain sees perceived threat and increases heart rate so ready to run
  • Focus on on activating reward system
  • Create environment to inhibit threat response and activate reward system: walking, writing, talking things through, helping others, ticking things off, food!
  • Book: neuroscience for organisation change by Hilary Scarlett
  • TV: Naiya: Anxiety and Me
  • Bad website navigation / agenda could trigger mild threat response

Why Multisite? By Rachel McCollin

  • Need only update plugins and themes once
  • Updraft plus is compatible with multisite
  • Automatic syndication plugin

Custom WordPress themes to save your sanity by Jonny Allbut

  • Get every one on board early and where possible keep them on board as project continues
  • Don’t code until creative signed off
  • Make sure that all assets, colour pallets and image ratios are part of visual hand over
  • Test, test, test your backup
  • Typography/css test page
  • Code function to detect if on live or not, colour admin area
  • Nuclear custom web fonts
  • Split out functions and content parts in theme
  • Build output at the top of the file in single php tag then output HTML with variables in

The art of problem solving by Ben Everard

  • Use CSS grid, solves all your problems
  • Five steps: discover, understand, solve, report and share
  • Write problems down, rate them on effort/impact scale
  • “Very little will cost you more than having to do something twice”
  • It’s a strength to report a problem to the client
  • Rubber duck programming

Image Credits: WordCamp Bristol