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Something Inventive 9: A fridge full of Cucumbers and Lemons

Jon Johnson, organisation development guru, joins Ben and Al to welcome in 2017 by covering topics such as the difference between advertising and marketing, planning ahead and the important of trust when making a purchasing decision.

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Show notes

  • Made – Great design direct from the makers
  • Hay Bluff hill in the Black Mountains
  • Reevoo – Increasing product and shopping engagement by showing previous customers who purchased
  • Email Jon Johnson organisation development guru on jon.johnson (at) Or  contact us and we’ll pass on your details

The Hosts

Al Osmond (@inventiveal) – An unusual mix of logical thinker with a creative eye
Ben Kinnaird (@benkinnaird) – Knower of Social Media, SEO and ‘the Web’

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Send in your business, marketing or creativity questions for the next episode as a Tweet to @ratherinventive, use the Twitter hashtag #inventivequestions or email [email protected]. Thanks for listening!

Audio edited by Donalize – ‘Goofy Vocal Groove‘ intro music by Dave Girtsman – Photo: Steven Guzzardi, Cucumber lemon water