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The best WordPress Page Builders

Chris Herbert has collated opinions from 85 WordPress Professionals (ahem) on the page builder plugins they use to manage and layout content, and why it’s best for them.

Gutenberg, my new best friend when it comes to editing WordPress content, sadly didn’t make the top three. I’d say that for some, it’s too new and doesn’t have a full feature set, therefore too much work and not enough reward to change their development process.

I contribute the following.

‘Gutenberg – “Despite a few visual quirks that need ironing out, the built-in block editor (launched in December 2018) is by far the best way to layout content without reaching for any HTML or CSS.

It’s faster than other page builders such as WPBakery, my previous go-to for WordPress layout. And it represents more accurately what the final content will look like, especially compared with the layout plugin Divi.

But most importantly, it’s built directly into WordPress, so you know it will be supported for years to come, and with hundreds of contributors, it’s going to get a lot of attention.

On the downside, the built-in editor doesn’t yet include all the features you might want, such as fancy sectional divides or masonry style image galleries but with additional plugins the editor can be extended to do more, much more. My favourites are Stackable which has feature grids and popup videos that look great, and also Coblocks that has a collection of image galleries, layout containers and dividers that I use in most of my web sites.

I highly recommend testing it out for your next website build.”’